Powering data acquisition

Why we created it

Email can be an incredibly effective channel for marketing. The problem is, customers’ email addresses are required to use it. Mobius is a tool dedicated solely to this purpose: creating a link between a company’s in store experience and online, ensuring the conversation doesn’t end at the checkout.

How it works

Mobius powers data acquisition by giving your customers a range of channels to opt into your marketing programs. Whenever your customer enters your store, reads your print catalogue or sees your newspaper advertisement, Mobius is there to enable immediate and targeted customer data acquisition.

Turning customers into subscribers

Mobius creates a funnel for your customers to join your marketing programs through a unique mobile number or QR code.



Customisable Welcome, Thank You and Confirmation triggered email templates.



Maximise incentives with gamification and leaderboard features.

Platform integration

Out of the box integration with ExactTarget, Magento, MailChimp and SalesForce.

Linking the in-store with the online experience


Using a unique inbound mobile number, Mobius can capture the customers email address and mobile number, two of the richest pieces of customer data! A SMS response can also be set up to let the customer know their information was successfully received.


QR code

Using your customers mobile camera and QR code reader, you can direct customers straight to a website to capture rich data and customer opt ins.

Case Study: Turning Customers into Subscribers

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